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Scratch What Makes You Itch 

Everyone I know who continues to do what they love has had to say "forget it" to the money at least once. If you do anything long enough you may have to say it more than once. The funny thing about all this is that the people around us keep telling us that it's some sort of sacrifice to put happiness before money. Yet it isn't the people doing what they love that are making the sacrifice. No. Seems to me that the ultimate sacrifice is when you settle for an uninspiring life just because everybody else if doing it. 

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New App Makes it Simple to Be Sure Nobody Died Making Your T-shirt

The collapse and fire in that Cambodian factory last week makes me feel like I'm stuck in some sort of unending loop. Like we're all somehow doomed to play out the same scenario over and over like in the movie Groundhog Day. I mean we're still finding bodies in the Bangladesh factory collapse. And it's not like we had even come to grips with suicides and unsafe conditions in the Foxconn factories that make the iPhone. Before that, weren't we still getting over learning about lead paint in toys from China? Oh, And not long before that we had the tragic news that our running shoes were being made by little kids. 

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We Play 20 Questions with Coke's Lead Scientist

A few months ago, FearLess, COMMON, The Butler Bros, Jason Mraz and the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) launched a joint film production and site called The film followed a family of Soda-loving Polar Bears that winds up having the same issues with sugary drinks that many of us in real life are having: obesity, diabetes, and the complications that come with them.

The Coca-Cola company was quick to reach out to me in an effort to get me up to speed "on all the good work they are doing." At the time I had no idea they were about to attempt to enter the conversation on obesity. You can see their film here and you can see a translation of the corp. speak here.

A lunch was set up with their lead scientist, Dr. Rhona Applebaum. I showed up on time but she was early and had already taken a seat in the back. It took me a while to find her sittling at a tiny tabel by the window. My first impression was that Dr. Applebaum is perfectly cast for her role. She is a smart, articulate, thin, attractive and immaculately put together middle-aged woman who is in control of her emotions at all times. We ordered our lunch and began the search for common ground. I wish I could remember what she ordered to drink but I don't. It was either water or a Diet Coke. 

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Truth is a Bear

Usually, as an advertising person considers advertising anything, they think about how they personally feel about that product. Or, in this case, when you advertise against something, you still consider how you feel and what kind of relationship you have had with that product. 

When CSPI Mike Jacobsen approached me to create work with the goal of changing the cultural conversation around soda I was just finishing off a 32oz. Big Gulp. Not actually, but I've never been militant about soda either. Like a lot of people, I really like one from time to time.

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My Headline: Bogusky Supports 2/3s of Voters Who Want Genetically Modified Foods Labeled

The Ad Age headline and story is obviously a bit different than the one I would have written. I'm certainly not squaring off against Pepsi - I'm supporting human beings who have the right to know what they are eating.

I actually have a lot of empathy for these companies that find temselves on the wrong side of issues with more and more frequency. Thanks to E.J. Schultz the writer of this piece. It's a difficult issue to cover and I think he did a good job in at least bringing up Genetically Modified Ingredients and the work being done to label them. Ad Age only used bits of what I sent them so I thought I'd include the rest here. 

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