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Founded by Alex and Ana Bogusky, the FearLess Revolution explores a new, more meaningful relationship between people, brands and culture.

We're seeing a dramatic shift in the way business is done towards more transparency, more collaboration, more democracy, and ultimately more value.


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SC Johnson Has Some Stubborn Stains in Their Transparency

SC Johnson recently put this commercial on the air. And it makes a lot of promises. Promises that, as a proponent of transparency, I'm excited to see. But from the tone of the ad, you can already tell that they don't seem to completely get the world they now live in. Instead of suggesting there might be some ingredients that they will need to remove or improve on, they instead attempt to project an image that suggests there will be no ugly surprises. In the ad, they go on to say that we will get to know everything they know; that there will be no asymmetry of information; and that even those sneaky compounds that fall under the catch-all of "fragrance" will be revealed. It's worth mentioning that there are hundreds of compounds that can be listed under this single term, "fragrance," and that is a big problem for transparency.

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Collaboration is the New Competition

Recently a virtual conference was held on the future of marketing. 60 marketers were each given 60 seconds to speak to anything that they thought mattered. I only used 58 seconds because I ran out of ideas.

You can hear it on their website or read it below:

One of the most radical insights from the Future of Marketing microconference came from Alex Bogusky. The ad agency creative director of the decade now turned consumer advocate, Bogusky enjoys nothing more than ruffling feathers. While his 60 seconds of insight might make some executives’ hair stand on end… it also might help propel your brand to new heights of leadership and awareness.

"I’m Alex Bogusky at We like to think of ourselves over here as insurgents in the new consumer revolution. I guess, in the simplest terms I’ve gone from working as a brand advocate to a consumer advocate—but I don’t really think of it as a very radical transition, because all the smartest brands have actually been transforming themselves into consumer advocates. Collaboration is the new competition, so as the control of data shifts away from sellers towards buyers, the new opportunity is to become not just a force of transparency in your business, but in your entire category.

Becoming transparent isn’t a choice. The only choice is: do you do it, or do you have it done to you? The latter has proven to be very unpleasant for brands. And please don’t make the mistake of trying to be a little bit transparent. Take the aspect of your business you feel you would least like to get PR on and make a plan to tell your customers how you hope to address the issue. And don’t forget to ask them for help along the way. Your customers are ready and anxious to join your mission if you let them in."

By Alex Bogusky


Brilliant. Save a File to Save a Tree. 

This makes me so happy. An absolutely brilliant idea. Funny how we all expected computers would bring about less use of paper but it didn't happen. Maybe we just needed a new file format. Can a Power Point file that is only visible if you are outside be far behind?

Threadless Evolution

Jake Nickell, co-founder of the innovative t-shirt company Threadless, joins Alex Bogusky at the FearLess Cottage to share his story about taking a 'cool idea' and building it into one of today's fastest growing companies.

He also announces their newest endeavor, Threadless Causes (beta expected Dec. 2010), and gives us a sneak peak! Everybody here at FearLess is really excited about the potential this has to create one new, great big, powerful community by joining the best of both the cause community and the design community.


Patagonia CEO
  Bag the Plastics!
  Bikes Belong

Threadless Launches New Cause Site

A few months ago, I tweeted that I wanted an introduction to Jake Nickell, the co-founder of Threadless, as most of you know, is an online t-shirt phenomenon that practically invented the space that we now refer to as crowd sourcing. That might be a slight overstatement, but they certainly got into it before it even had a name. And they have done it with great class and respect for their vibrant, international community.

Well, the Twitterverse came through with an introduction (thanks, tweeps!). In a matter of a few hours, we were connected and soon after that, we were sitting down to lunch. Jake is everything you could hope he would be. Cool, smart, talented and a little shy.

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Transparency and the Barking Dog

Published with permission of Houman Pirdavari:

On Nov 16, 2010, at 2:00 PM, Houman Pirdavari wrote:

Hey Alex,

Your site seems to celebrate alternative branding approaches, I have a recent little story of my own that might interest you.

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Art That Forces You to Hold Your Breath

There is something so striking about art moving into a new environment. Out of the gallery and into the commons. To nurture us and the sea. In ten thousand years I'd love to be around to hear the explanations that future archaeologists provide for this one.

Artist: Jason deCaires Taylor

The GMO Rap

The GMO rap is probably not going to be seen at the Grammys this year. And MC Adams might not have captured the freshest beat but he did somehow capture a lot of the GMO story in a short little package. It will take all types of delivery for people to decide to get educated on this issue so I'm a fan of the approach.

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Patagonia CEO Casey Sheahan Comes Clean

Alex Bogusky welcomes Patagonia CEO Casey Sheahan and his lovely wife Tara to the FearLess Cottage. We learn how Patagonia goes about their mission to "build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, and to use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis."

It's fascinating how social responsibility and radical transparency (see The Footprint Chronicles) have become key parts of Patagonia's business success. Their consumers are engaged with the brand, and corporations like Walmart are following their lead.

(Please excuse the audio in the first two minutes; it gets better!)

Additional Links: 1% for the Planet | @patagonia

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Is Your Life Too Plastic?

Alex Bogusky welcomes director/producer Suzan Beraza and actor Jeb Berrier to the Cottage to talk about their new documentary film, Bag It! It's hard to deny the fact that plastic has invaded every nook and cranny of our collective lives. But in educating ourselves and being more conscientiousness, there is hope.


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