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It's Time for a Food Fight

Jeffrey Smith is a long-time consumer advocate on and around all things concerning genetically altered seeds and foods. About six months ago, when Jeff was a guest on our FearLess show, he and I had time to talk off set. I told him the story that my mom had been moved to eat differently after I sent her a link to one of Jeff's hour-long videos, and my dad complained to me the next time I saw him, "What did you do? I don't recognize any of the food in the fridge anymore."

We got to talking about how to reach more people, and I suggested that his hour-long video could be broken down into many shorter videos, each of which made a single point from his talk. He liked the idea and then said two things that surprised me: "Could you make them?" "Uh. Yeah, I guess," I said. Then he said, "How about tomorrow? I'll come over and spend the day."

"Sure," I said. "Crap," I thought.

With no script or much of a plan we began to mess around. Little by little, themes and concepts started to present themselves and we started to have a jam. Jeff's super pro and it was more about getting him past his internal scripts and more in touch with why he does this work to begin with: Compassion.

Editing them down to two-and-a-half minutes was a challenge. Jeffrey is an encyclopedia of knowledge on GMO, but we were doing the cliff notes here.

Kim Johnson, Isaac Karsen and Matt Wieting did an amazing job of finding the best bits to the story and cutting out the rest. Music pulled it together as it always does, and Anthony Shimkin came to our rescue on music and sound design. And when it seemed like we'd never get them done, Ana Bogusky rallied the troops.

Jeffrey's message is gaining traction with millions of concerned citizens and his plan for change is simple. Simply stop eating genetically modified food and it will be forced from the marketplace. Right now the labeling of GMOs is not required in the U.S. as it is in most of Europe. Nor is it even allowed on a voluntary basis.

So eat organic. Organic can't be certified by the USDA as organic unless it is free of GMO ingredients.

And as Jeffrey says, "Safe eating."

By Alex Bogusky


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Cap the Gene Spill

The decisions we make about our food supply now will have long lasting, possibly irreversible effects.


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Reader Comments (5)

Thank you ~ Alex ~ for your continued compassion and love you give on the altar of life. Those are the two components that will shift us out of this paradigm into the next where our concern and bonds for others will be our main focus. It is in the space in-b-tween compassion and our inter-Universal connectedness that all solutions can be found and brought forth.


April 19, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterIN-B-TWEEN

I am so very pleased these videos were produced. It say so well and clearly what most people in the United States don't know: That Genetically Mutant Foods/ingredients are in roughly 90% of the processed foods we eat. Moreover, the health risks associated with these universally-unique proteins is NOT good.

Super-pumped to start using these in our outreach efforts around Colorado with GM-No Boulder. I love you guys....and Jeffrey too! Yay!

April 19, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterScott Smith

This is one of the best and most empowering GMO videos that I've ever seen. Thanks for creating.

April 19, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMike Lieberman

Mr. Smith makes a an interesting oft unmentioned point when he says that " maybe someday we'll be able to predictably and safely manipulate the DNA of plants and know what it's impact will be on the environment and in our bodies... but that day is far away". This idea of a lack foresight is not new to activist rhetoric but I believe Mr. Smith's acknowledgment of our power as a species (via his acknowledgment of genetic modification, or rather the potential to do it safely) might appeal to a broad audience of people who are aware of, yet indifferent to eating GMO foods.
Converting the oblivious is one thing, but converting the indifferent?
Thank you for sharing.

April 19, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSergio Guarin

A thought: As the Light of our consciousness continues to shine on that which is not truth, know that we are the history of humanity. This history is in our genetic material. Stay positive and be encouraged! What we vibrate we create. Stay tuned as information will be coming forward that punches holes in all our current theories that have long been held as truth. Love to all and....


April 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterIN-B-TWEEN

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