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"Buy Local" Activists Arrested at Walmart


Mic Check!
Mic Check!
Mic Check!

Attention Walmart employees
It is a shame and an outrage
That you are forced to work today
When you should be
With your friends and families

It is a shame and an outrage
Walmart makes huge profits
From your labor
But only pays you pennies

It is a shame and an outrage
While you slave away
At below poverty-level wages
Walmart’s CEO Mike Duke
Makes 19 million a year

It is a shame and an outrage
You may earn $8.75 an hour
While CEO Mike Duke
Makes $16,000 thousand dollars an hour 

It is a shame and an outrage
That you struggle to survive
And feed your families
While Walmart’s Profits
Are over $10 billion dollars a year

Walmart is unjust
Stop what you are doing
Leave your carts behind
And join us
Buy local!

Reader Comments (2)

For most people, buying local means shopping at the Pearl Street Whole Foods. They are completely unaware of the money flowing out of a community associated with large corporations. In the case of Whole Foods, a sizable portion of the proceeds flow to the corporate HQ in Texas.

What is local? To me, local translates into local owners. People who live, work and spend their money in their community. Money is a manifestation of life energy. It's a byproduct of our creative juices and work. If it's flowing from neighbor to neighbor, from local business to local business, a part of you exists throughout the community. Everybody gets to enjoy it.

Food is the easiest way to shop local. Unfortunately, food is seasonal and when Winter hits we're often totally dependent on sources from outside our community. A little forethought and preparation in this regard can take the Summer-Fall bounty and store it for use during the cold months. Too bad this isn't very common.

Local clothes? We don't make many clothes here in the US. For that matter, we don't make much cloth. All the textile operations have been outsourced to sweatshop countries. The biggest bang for the investor bunk rules! I suppose the next best thing to local clothes is the Buffalo Exchange. Sure, you're buying 2nd hand clothes, but the money stays here and goes into recycling even more local resources.

Rethink local. Vote with your money with the idea you want your dollars to only flow where you live.

December 1, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterScott Smith

I'm so proud of this and so glad to be alive while this happens.

December 1, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterluaP

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