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The U.S. Congressional Twitter Directory: Fiscal Cliff Edition

The dreaded Fiscal Cliff is staring us down at the end of this month. And once again, President Obama has urged American citizens to contact Congressional leaders and urge them to reach a resolution.

This sort of thing happened in July 2011 with the debt-ceiling debacle. President Obama held a presser to specifically ask Americans to call and email members of Congress. The day after Obama's plea, the Capitol's switchboard was overwhelmed with 40,000 calls per hour and email traffic swamped congressional servers to a near halt. So we created the first-ever U.S. Congressional Twitter Directory.

Guess what, folks?

We've updated the entire directory to reflect Congressional officials who decided to join the Twitter party. The result is the most bad-ass U.S. Congressional Twitter Directory every created.

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24 Hours of Reality: The Dirty Weather Report

Hey, planet huggers, we hope you'll tune in to watch 24 Hours of Reality: The Dirty Weather Report, a live online broadcast, from around the world. The stream goes live November 14 at 8 p.m. EST and keeps going until November 15 at 7 p.m. EST. You can watch it live here or at or on If you have a blog you can embed the stream just like we did here. You can find the embed code and other important ways to help promote the event with your own social media following right here:

Making Your Community More Resilient

This has been a year filled with community disaster. Given life on planet earth, one could say that almost any year. Earthquakes and hurricanes, shootings and bombings - whether man-made or natural, from the time of the dinosaurs to today, life’s biggest occurrences are often outside our control. 

Perhaps the greatest lesson from watching communities rally after a disaster, though, is that disasters bring out the best in people. Leadership emerges from unexpected places. Civic participation dramatically increases.  Generosity and compassion blossom. Resources are mobilized that hadn’t been considered resources during more “normal” times. 

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Bringing the Family Together at the Table

There's nothing scarier to a mom than a sick baby. I know this. And Robyn O'Brien know this, too. If you have not read her book, The Unhealthy Truth, you should. If you haven't watched her TEDx talk, you should. And if you still want more, watch the FearLessQA interview with Alex. Robyn shares her very terrifying story of an unexpected allergic reaction that her youngest child had one morning, and then her long journey into studying and researching the links between allergies and foods (and non-foods, as well). This led her to start and spearheaded her efforts to teach parents how to feed their children better. Robyn is a role model and hero for parents everywhere.

And as parents, so many of us value our time with our families as precious. We know how important it is to gather often at the table. It's where we come together. And it's where problems are solved and ideas are generated and jokes are told and games are played and memories are created. Robyn and Edie Ure, Curator of Made Collection, have assembled a collection of amazing items, all made in America, to make your table experiences even more enjoyable. On sale only for a week. Here:

By Ana Bogusky

Prop 37. Which List Is More You?

When it's time to pick sides it seems smart to go with people and companies who already have a reputation for doing the right thing. Seems pretty simple when you look who is on each side of this debate. I know which list is more me. Even if the other side has 40 million dollars worth of misinformation on TV. 

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