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Hip-Hop High Cracks the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Did you know that when a poor, urban student gets in a fight at school, or brings a Coke to class, that student is most likely to be ticketed by a police officer--and asked to report to court instead of the principal’s office? Due to the rise in zero-tolerance discipline policies and the pressure of NCLB testing, law enforcement is being brought into poor and/or urban public schools to handle discipline issues that were once the domain of the school’s leadership. Young people, most often youth of color, are issued tickets by police officers for engaging in a scuffle or abusing school rules and report to a judge, receiving a fine or other punishment like suspension or expulsion. Not surprisingly, a large percentage of students who are ticketed, suspended or expelled in this way end up in the criminal justice system later on. It's an epidemic so profound that the federal government has actually named it the ‘school-to-prison pipeline.’

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Vote: Occupy Ice Cream

Last week we discovered that Ben & Jerry's is openly supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement. To show our support of their support, we asked our readers to see who could come up with the best new flavor for an Occupy-themed ice cream. We chose a few of our favorites and now we want you guys to pick a winner.

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Embracing a Movement’s Ambiguity

As the Occupy movement spreads around the globe, the amorphous nature of the protests has been met with criticism, questions, and generous doses of advice. Is Wall Street really the right target? Are these protestors the optimal manifestation of a collective discontent? And this question, which I overheard repeatedly when I visited Occupy DC last week: “What do you want, anyway?”

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Meatless Monday: Stuffed Delicata Squash

Today's recipe, Stuffed Delicata Squash, was submitted by Chef Jody Ash. It's a super easy fall recipe described as "freakin' amazing" by Alex Bogusky.


2 medium organic Delicata squash fresh from the farm
3 cups corn bread, broken into 1” pieces
2 ounces organic butter, melted
1 tsp. crushed rosemary
8 ounces organic mozzarella
1 cup organic nuts and dried berries, rough chop

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Mark Ruffalo on the Occupy Movement

Actor Mark Ruffalo does a fine job of articulating what the #occupywallstreet movement is all about.

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