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Fear.Less Art

This is a pretty interesting art project by Daniel Ting Chong and Jordan Metcalf. Not only is the imagery provocative, but we love the name. :)

The objects seek to playfully examine the place of fear and crime in South Africa context, framing our obsession with violence and the casual paranoia we all seem to suffer from. By scaling the objects and turning them into artworks, the artists aim to re-contextualise the place these items hold in our everyday lives.


"Show Me the Science!" Email This Ad to the Boulder County Commissioners

(Enlarge ad)

The Boulder County Commission wants to make this decision based on science. And that is commendable. In fact, it is absolutely how they should make this decision. The science that has made it possible to take genes from one species and insert them into another is probably the most incredible breakthrough of this century. But the science of creation and the science of application are two different things. As splitting the atom so perfectly displayed.

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Fear Less, Become More

Fellow FearLess revolutionaries,

I'm very excited to introduce myself as the new editor of FearLess. In chatting with Alex last week about the future of this blog and how it can be most helpful for our readers, I had something of an ah-ha moment as I looked at the name - Fear Less.

We live in a climate of fear. Some of this fear is in response to very real issues – broken institutions, climate change, questionable food safety and environmental degradation remind us every day that the future is uncertain and often scary. Much of this fear is also manufactured - by the media, politicians, government and business leaders who benefit richly from a fearful and disempowered public. But fear, no matter where it comes from, cannot lead to solutions. Fear knows only how to replicate itself.

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In collaboration with Social Media Week, COMMONCM Pitch NYC looks towards the next generation of consumption by asking one important question: What if there's already enough to go around? Featuring the ten entrepreneurs behind the best up-and-coming technology startups for collaborative consumption, COMMON Pitch NYC will highlight the smartest and most efficient ways to utilize social technologies to borrow, share or trade the things we all use.

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Dirty Weather Infographic

Our friends at The Climate Reality Project put together this handy infographic as a guide to help illustrate the costly effects we're now seeing across the globe as a result of a warming world:

We have experienced a lot of destructive extreme weather events in 2011. If you want to know what scientists are telling us about the connection between climate change and extreme weather I’d encourage you to take a look at the graphic below. We put it to together to visualize the report the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently issued about extreme weather and climate change.

But the bottom line is: Climate change will lead to higher temperatures, heavier precipitation, intensified drought and stronger storms. And the more we pollute, the worse things will get.


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