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Meatless Monday: Loaded Miso Soup

If one of your New Year's resolutions includes consuming less meat and dairy, you'll want to read this recipe in the New York Times this morning, as part of Mark Bittman's article "Recipes for the Semi-Vegan".

This delicious miso soup is just the first of ten simple but tasty recipes.

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Carbon Cutting Resolution

In one of my favorite talks from the last few years, founder Graham Hill identifies the three most effective ways to slash your carbon footprint. Together they make for a great New Year's resolution for anybody who cares about living in a safe and peaceful world. As an added bonus, they'll improve your health and save you time and money!

I highly recommend watching the video, but if you don't have time here are the Cliffs Notes on high impact carbon reduction:

  1. Cut way down on meat consumption.
  2. Minimize your air travel.
  3. Switch to a renewable energy program.


By Jeff Oeth


How Can You Serve in 2012?

2011 was a hell of a year. At both the macro and the micro levels, the year lived and breathed disruption. And as we stare down the prospect of an equally uncertain and tumultuous 2012, I imagine that many of us are feeling the weight of this uncertainty and wondering what to do in the face of it.

For a full year now, I've been asking myself, "What should I do?" The particulars don't matter - they seem to change frequently. What's striking, though, is that everyone around me seems to be doing the same. It’s like we’re all stuck in an existential feedback loop, making decisions that strive to answer this question or at least help us finally identify a path that makes sense… but ultimately to no avail.

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Meatless Monday: Mixed Beans in Broth with Parsley and Parmesan

This week's Meatless Monday recipe was submitted by FearLess editor Robin Cangie. It comes from her favorite vegetarian cookbook, Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison.

This soup is simple but satisfying. It's a great way to use up any dried beans you have left from other recipes. Enjoy!

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How (and Why) to Give Up Your iPhone

I love my iPhone. I love using it, holding it, looking at it. I get a little thrill every time I turn it on. But I don’t love the fact that both AT&T and Verizon have donated substantial sums to support the Tea Party. I wanted my money to do better. So this past weekend, I left my long-time wireless provider AT&T and switched to CREDO Mobile.

CREDO openly supports progressive nonprofits (you can view the list of this year’s recipients, selected with the help of CREDO members, on their website).They’re committed to protecting the environment and will even buy out your existing mobile contract. Easy decision, right? Except there’s just one problem - CREDO doesn’t offer iPhones.

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