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My iPad Picked My Pocket

It's a cliche family moment: My wife opens the credit-card bill and screams when she sees the iTunes charges. Over a thousand freaking dollars. 

Instantly, a family meeting is convened to hang the guilty party. Suspicion quickly falls on our son who can consume vast amounts of music. But, no. He has an airtight alibi and quickly shows that the charges are in-game charges. It must be our daughter who loves to play "FREE" games on her iPad. More digging finds the source of the charges mostly from 3 games she was playing on vacation. We're angry. She needs to understand the value of money. We ask her to remove all the games from her iPad and spend the afternoon making a list of the cost of things so she won't make the same sort of mistake. After all, the game surely let her know she was being charged and she ignored it. I'm ashamed to say we trusted Apple more than our daughter at first. But she was adamant that they didn't let her know she was being charged. Not even once. 

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Video: Edward Snowden Explains Why He Decided to Blow the Whistle on CIA Surveillance of Innocent Citizens

The Not-So-Easy Path to an Extraordinary Life

A friend of mine asked me to write the forward to his book, The Leap Year Project. He's been kind enough to let me post it here.

There are two kinds of days that make up our lives. Those days of big decisions and change. And the days in between. This book is a story about both of those sort of days, and how to make the most of each.  

If you desire to have an average life, you should focus just on the big decisions. Then in between those big decision days, keep your nose clean and do your 9 to 5. That's right. Focus on those big decision moments and the best you can hope for is a mediocre existence. Seems sort of backwards but there you have it. 

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3 Powerful Lessons with Craig Newmark

For those under the age of 30, it’s hard to imagine there was ever time when there was no Craiglist - a time when selling a car required shelling out money to buy an ad in a local newspaper.

Yet it is likely that most people would not be able to name the “Craig” who changed that part of our world. And we would certainly have no clue that the reason Craigslist has become such a reliable force in our lives is because of the core philosohpy at the heart of the site.

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Scratch What Makes You Itch 

Everyone I know who continues to do what they love has had to say "forget it" to the money at least once. If you do anything long enough you may have to say it more than once. The funny thing about all this is that the people around us keep telling us that it's some sort of sacrifice to put happiness before money. Yet it isn't the people doing what they love that are making the sacrifice. No. Seems to me that the ultimate sacrifice is when you settle for an uninspiring life just because everybody else if doing it. 

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