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Reality Expedition to Antarctica, Day 4

Today we woke up to huge icebergs floating by. The colors you see in an iceberg are not the result of fancy camera filters. They really are all sorts of white and blue. The ice that breaks off the ice shelf has been around for hundreds of thousand of years and it crunches down against the the continent so hard it has actually pushed the entire land mass down. But the ice is also crushing itself. The more pressure that is exerted the bluer the appearance. Baby blues and royal blues abound in the ice.

As we moved through the Weddell Sea the number of icebergs steadily increased. They are water's version of a campfire. Somehow it seems like you can stare at these marvels for hours. Our first venture onto shore came at Paulet Island. This colony of Adelie penguins was pure happy feet. 200,000 penguins all around in various states of feeding chicks, frolicking in the water and fighting with neighbors. The colony stretches way up to the tops of the mountains. A very long walk to the water but the penguins up there actually have an advantage. The tops of the mountains are the first areas free of snow so they can create their nest earlier in the season and ensure that their babies are mature before it's time to jump into the sea.

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McDamage Control: McDonald's Missed Twitter Opportunity

By now most of us have heard about McDonald’s social media campaign that went horribly wrong when they used the Twitter hashtag #McDStories to rally consumers into sharing their warm and fuzzy #meetthefarmers McDonald’s moments. The campaign backfired with both consumers and activists like PETA when they used the hashtag to verbally dump on the restaurant chain and to share negative stories about chipped molars, fingernails found in the food and other grossly McUnHappy Stories.

Rick Wion, McDonald’s social media director was quick to shut down the campaign, and sent out this emailed statement:

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Reality Expedition to Antarctica, Day 3

Today we woke up as we were running up alongside the South Shetland Islands. It was cloudy and cold as we got into the zodiacs to go ashore on Livingston Island, the second largest island in the Shetland Archipelago.

Going on shore, we were welcomed by millions of penguins (chinstrap, gentoo and macaroni penguins) and their chicks. The chicks were molting their downy baby feathers and they're already almost the size of their parents. I got a lifetime of penguin pictures and learned a couple of interesting things. The first was that when winter comes to this part of the world, the penguins jump in the water and spend the entire season in the water. They may occasionally jump on the ice but other than that they are in the water 24/7. Their plumage is so dense that the water never penetrates to the skin, keeping a layer of warm air between their plumage and their bodies that holds the cold out. Even after months in the water. Incredible. The exception is the chicks. With their downy feathers they cannot get wet because if they do they almost surely succumb to the cold and die. I also learned that they tend to go solo once they enter the water for the winter.

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Wellness Wednesday: GMOs in Your Body

We're excited to announce Wellness Wednesday, a new column by Alessandra (Alé) Gil about living your best and finding true wellness. Alé has been in the Fitness and Wellness industry for almost 20 years, and she's thrilled to join the FearLess movement.

Exercise and performance have been my area of expertise for almost 20 years. More and more, however, I'm coming to realize that true wellness is about much more than physical fitness, and fitness professionals have a responsibility to understand this. We are much more than Strength coaches or Fitness experts; we are Wellness coaches. The realm of wellness oversees not just movement, but also nutrition, stress, sleeping quality, energy level, anti aging and anything related to a person’s well being.

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Beyond the Personal Automobile 

FearLess contributor Dan Sturges writes in MIT's Technology Review about how new advances in technology are allowing people to ditch their cars in favor of a more efficient, more connected system:

I think any transition would have to start with the roughly 70 million commuters in the United States. The recipe for making car ownership less necessary for them requires three main ingredients. First, we need express "trunk line" transit services (trains, buses, vans, or carpools) from residential neighborhoods to areas where people work. Next, people will need local, short-distance transportation in the form of a bike, low-cost taxi, shuttle, or small personal vehicle to get to and from the trunk line service. Finally, car-sharing services—like Zipcar or peer-to-peer services like Getaround or RelayRides—need to be available near both work and home so people can have access to a car when they need one.

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