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A Better World, Brought to You by Technology

Without the financial resources of private or government funds, the non-profit space has often been seen as a laggard when it comes to the adoption and creation of new technology. But as more startups launch as mission driven businesses and online activism continues to rise, we're going to see rapid advances in how tech affects the social impact space. The following is just a tiny glimpse into some of the categories you should be paying attention to, and hopefully becoming a patron of.

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Cyber Monday is Dead. Long Live 'Merican Monday. 

It's time to replace Cyber Monday with something more useful. Hurry and share this video with everybody. There is only a few weeks until the first 'Merican Monday!

Cry Harambee

The Green World Campaign mourns with the people of Kenya and the world the slaughter of the innocent. That this terrible, still-unfolding event occurred on the International Day of Peace--a day devoted to, as U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon writes, "teaching our children the value of tolerance and mutual respect"--is bitter, heartbreaking irony.

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The Million Jobs Project

A couple of years ago, I was reacting to some news of factory worker suicides and I started thinking about how I could better avoid buying products made by underpaid workers working in unsafe conditions. Oh, and I guess while I was at it, how could I better know if a product had a smaller carbon footprint and was free of lead paint and whatever else I needed to watch out for.

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My iPad Picked My Pocket

It's a cliche family moment: My wife opens the credit-card bill and screams when she sees the iTunes charges. Over a thousand freaking dollars. 

Instantly, a family meeting is convened to hang the guilty party. Suspicion quickly falls on our son who can consume vast amounts of music. But, no. He has an airtight alibi and quickly shows that the charges are in-game charges. It must be our daughter who loves to play "FREE" games on her iPad. More digging finds the source of the charges mostly from 3 games she was playing on vacation. We're angry. She needs to understand the value of money. We ask her to remove all the games from her iPad and spend the afternoon making a list of the cost of things so she won't make the same sort of mistake. After all, the game surely let her know she was being charged and she ignored it. I'm ashamed to say we trusted Apple more than our daughter at first. But she was adamant that they didn't let her know she was being charged. Not even once. 

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